Marriage Difficulty Level: Beginner

I started following Micha Boyett's blog after I discovered her series on St. Benedict. Her writing has a gentle, incisive graciousness which I find beautiful. This morning I opened my feed reader and found this post on "Marriage and the Easy  Yoke." I love this bit toward the end: I can’t pretend to know much … Continue reading Marriage Difficulty Level: Beginner

Monday morning

I’m pushing through today on ibuprofen and weak coffee Trying not to register spring’s appearance this morning for fear of feeling the life-beat vibrating outdoors. The sunlight shifted yesterday, and the sky removed her dressing gown If I ignore it, it never happened. I didn’t notice the smallness of your kiss, the withdrawing of your … Continue reading Monday morning

Sundry Monday

Tomorrow Kevin and I regress into the "need" of having an internet connection at home. There's a lot of good things that will come with this, but I'm trying to steel myself into Wendell Berry-esque curmudgeonry so I don't forget the real life things that we value more than connectivity and entertainment or feeding our information … Continue reading Sundry Monday