On criticism

Starting The YA Wallpaper with Gretchen has been a lot of fun. We're just getting going and I think we're doing something different from what anyone else is doing when they engage the genre. We're taking it on its own terms: YA is a serious genre taking on serious issues and expects more of its readers … Continue reading On criticism

Introducing: The YA Wallpaper

I'm going to be giving the Immodesty Rail series a rest for now and turn to something else that's been making me excited lately. Sometimes I rant about books on Twitter. Sometimes I write stupid posts about books that annoy me. And I always I grumble about bad writing with my inner feminist curmudgeon. But … Continue reading Introducing: The YA Wallpaper

Runaway Husbands: a book review

Divorce is hard. This year has been hard. The hardest part isn't the logistics, the moving, the financial untangling, the stress, the aching, or the loneliness. It's the fact that I still disassociate my self from the fact that divorce is now part of my story. It wasn't supposed to go this way. I followed … Continue reading Runaway Husbands: a book review

When you’re a storyteller and a Christian

A couple weeks back, it was 7:45 am and I was grumpy. My good friend Mark was arguing with me in the car on our way to the metro. We've been carpooling every day since Christmas, and he's a morning person. And he likes to argue. Mark is one of my favorite people, but I'm not … Continue reading When you’re a storyteller and a Christian

“On the Edge of Miller’s Pond” by Rachel Leon

It's day 7 of short story week, and I think you're in for a treat. I had to coax this out of Rachel, but I'm so glad she agreed to let me share it with you.   Rachel Leon is fond of feminism, fairy tales, cheese fries, and drinking alone. Follow her @other_echoes. On the … Continue reading “On the Edge of Miller’s Pond” by Rachel Leon