Commonplace Links 11/18

It's been a quiet week for me online. I've been working ahead on some things, and hopefully I'll have some more regular posts up next week. While this is a few days late, here's some great reading to ease the end of your weekend. The Gifts and Benefits of Doubt, Experimental Theology Preaching Grace is Risky … Continue reading Commonplace Links 11/18

Eating in Community

I'm starting off with the big picture here, so bear with me! As a culture, we like to forget our dependencies, yet we still observe small reverences to the sacred act of eating food with another person: a first date usually means dinner, death or a birth signals the community to bring meals to the … Continue reading Eating in Community

Joanne’s Mexican Corn Chowder

This was our dinner last night (sorry, no picture!), and I thought I'd share the recipe. This comes from my mom's good friend Joanne, and once she made it for our Bible study group and afterward everyone was begging her for the recipe. I suspect that it's now a regular meal for most of those … Continue reading Joanne’s Mexican Corn Chowder

Loving your food

I love to eat what I eat. My pleasure at the stove and table are sincere and coherent. - "Learning How to Eat Like Julia Child" by Tamar Adler, New Yorker Julia Child's 100th birthday was yesterday, and this essay on learning to eat and love food is good.  I think about this a lot--what food means to … Continue reading Loving your food

Valentine’s Dinner [Bacon Tenderloin with Bourbon Mushroom Sauce]

Tonight I made Kevin a Valentine's Day dinner (belatedly). He loved it -- I think the recipe speaks for itself. Bacon Tenderloin with Bourbon Mushroom Sauce Melt 3 T butter over medium high heat in a medium-sized frying pan. Saute: 3/4 cup chopped mushrooms 1/2 cup chopped onion When translucent, remove from pan. Set aside. Prepare … Continue reading Valentine’s Dinner [Bacon Tenderloin with Bourbon Mushroom Sauce]