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I made chocolate chip oatmeal pecan cookies and have been eating them with breakfast and coffee almost every morning this week for a midmorning snack. I have zero compunction about doing so ever since I made chocolate chip cookies for my French hosts when I was there in high school, and they ate them for breakfast one morning when I overslept — after all, what difference is there between a chocolate chip cookie and a pain au chocolate?

Here’s what I enjoyed reading this morning over my blueberries and yogurt and cookie and coffee.

Female buyers are more likely to get lied to by sellers of any gender, says a recent study. Jezebel parses the results.

If a woman is more in tune with her body and comfortable being present with how she’s feeling physically, she’s going to be having more orgasms. This should not be surprising, but I’d bet money most churched women would be uncomfortable with this. I recommend yoga, meditation, reading erotica, and dance as therapies to purity culture induced sexual shame and frigidity.

A reporter follows an abortion provider in the south who says that he does abortions because he’s a Christian and wants to follow the example of the Good Samaritan.

Real talk about real pay scales for freelance editing.

Apparently the club scene in Boston is pretty segregated.

Eating organic and local isn’t going to help your farmers if you still live with a mindset of placeless American cuisine. (One of my favorite reads this week.)

The New Yorker’s story archive is open to the public and the Awl has some recommendations on where to start reading.

Peace Corps volunteers share their stories in a little collection for the NYT.

2 thoughts on “Sunday coffee reads

  1. I love that article about eating local and supporting the entire circle of food. I bet, if we all ate that way, that local organic food would be waaay cheaper, because nothing would be wasted!

  2. Hi Hannah! This is Emily M. (Chris and Shelly’s daughter) I’m omitting my last name for privacy reasons. It’s been a long time since I’ve talked with you or your sisters. Time has just flown since I last saw you all. Dad recently mentioned that you had a cool blog and I decided to check it out.
    I’m sorry about what happened to your two younger sisters concerning the bullies and the issue with the prom. (should I keep their names anonymous as well in my comments on here?)
    Please tell them I said hi. 🙂

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