Tarot Readings


Whenever I need a little clarity and insight, I book a reading with Eve. They listen carefully and tailor the reading to my specific needs and concerns, and their interpretations and conversations hit the spot every time. It’s always a wonderful experience. – DB

Eve is an incredible, discerning reader. My sessions with them have shown me things about my life that I did not expect, and helped me to know myself better and trust my intuition. Working with Eve has brought me greater confidence and clarity during some really tough times. – VH

Eve is such a talented reader. They did a reading for me a while ago, when I couldn’t decide which job offer to pursue, and their insights helped bring me the clarity I needed to feel confident in my decision. Doing a reading with them feels very much like the moment when you can’t decide between two options you hate, and someone just walks up and says “you know there’s actually a third option here you haven’t seen/considered” and it provides the much needed “aha!” moment. They also have a knack for answering the questions you weren’t sure if you should ask, without making it the whole center of the reading. I’ve been at one of the jobs that the reading was concerning for a year now, and everything they mentioned in their reading has come to pass. If you’re looking for someone who won’t sugarcoat the messages you need to hear, Eve is the reader for you! – RE

Eve Ettinger has an innate wisdom of the meanings of the cards and the patterns that they weave. Eve brings this wisdom to the client with warmth, empathy, and honesty. The readings that I have had with Eve still resonate to this day. – RF

I read tarot myself and have for years; I learned it the old way, sneaking out of my parents’ house in the middle of the night to meet up with my queer English teacher/witch who also introduced me to Starhawk and a long-standing thirst for Marlee Matlin. Folx, it was the eighties. But I digress. My point is that I’ve been reading and queering spiritual spaces for a long time, and that means I recognize when someone is into tarot for the blog posts. And Eve is not into tarot for the blog posts. They are intuitive. Here’s an example. Several years ago, Eve was working on a photography project based on the Major Arcana and looking for models. I wanted to do something High Priestess-y and Stevie Nicks-y because who doesn’t want to to that? But they asked me to represent the Tower. They had no way of knowing just how much Tower energy had been in my life in the years leading up to meeting Eve. But Eve knew. That’s an intuitive gift, you can’t learn it, and Eve has it. Totally recommend a reading with them. – JS

I’ve never done tarot before and Eve’s reading was the perfect introduction. Clear, insightful, gentle but meaningful. I’ll refer to this reading often, as I grow into my future. – HK

A few weeks ago, I did my first reading with Eve. I saw that they were open for booking and they came highly recommended by a mutual friend. Admittedly, I was pretty nervous about what might turn up in the cards. But as soon as I met with Eve, they put me at ease with their laid-back approach to the reading. And while Eve certainly has a way of making you feel comfortable, they have a direct (yet, human-centered) approach when communicating what the cards say. So, no sugar coating here but, your emotions will also be cared for!

Needless to say, I’d highly recommend Eve, and I’d definitely return to them again. If you’re looking for someone knowledgeable, straightforward, but also sensitive to the client’s emotional needs, look no further than Eve! – BW