CJ Mahaney and Doug Phillips

No one is really surprised that Doug Phillips had an affair and is stepping down from Vision Forum Ministries. And no one is really surprised at his statement–it’s the same slightly pompous and affected tone adopted by any politician caught in the spotlight of a scandal.

But what really fascinates me is first, the similarities between Doug’s statement to the statement put out by CJ Mahaney when he first stepped down from SGM in the aftermath of Brent’s “documents,” and secondly, how very differently these stories are playing out.

The SGM “scandal” [read: cruel abuses of power over minors and parishioners and unrepentance when confronted] and the Doug Philips “scandal” [read: yet-unspecified abuses of power and unrepentance when confronted] are playing out very differently and will continue to do so. And in the end, I suspect that Doug Phillips will be a ruined man, and his sins will be the lesser, while CJ’s sins will be the more substantial and detrimental, and he will never quite be brought to justice for how he abused his position of authority.

There are two reasons why:

1) Doug Phillips and his followers practice intellectual integrity (because they are Reformed) in a way that SGM and CJ Mahaney never did or could (because they were never truly of the Reformed tradition)


2) Doug Phillips and his movement relies on youth in leadership to sustain its momentum.

The first reason is going to be most clearly seen in the comparison between how Brent Detwiler was treated by his old friends when he, following the accountability system that these men and CJ had put in place, confronted CJ about his abuses of power. These guys had a system in place. Brent was the historian and the enforcer personality, and like the good dutiful type-A personality that he is, he believed that the other men in the group believed in the system just as much as they said they did. He trusted them to hold CJ to his own rules, and to help him enforce these rules by preestablished corrective actions.

But these men, for whatever reasons they had, did not put the rules above the man, and followed the whims of CJ rather than the system that they’d put in place. And in doing so, they unleashed a tireless foe in Brent, who has been aggressive and honest in his years of working against the corruption in SGM. To his detriment, I may add, as he’s lost everything because of it. And CJ is fine. Happily pastoring in Nashville and still invited to speaking gigs and lauded by the other “reformed big dogs.”

Contrast that with the snippets of insight into what’s going on in the world of Vision Forum, compiled in a post on Homeschoolers Anonymous. Vision Forum (which is the core of a larger social group of Christian Reconstructionists that spreads into lots of interesting places, if you ever want to Wikipedia link hop). It looks like the guys in Vision Forum value the system like Brent probably wishes SGM leaders did. They are grieving on Facebook after confronting Doug Phillips and getting cold responses (which is, essentially, what the SGM gents were worried about), and are severing ties with Doug as quickly as they can. It’s speculated that the fallout from all of this is that he may lose his house and his business before new year’s.

Why such a difference in group response? I think the answer lies in the values embedded in these two groups’ internal discourses, and may be further reduced to a theological difference. SGM was “essentially charismatic and reformed” at the time all that political drama went down between Brent and CJ. SGM was courting the attention of folks like Piper and Dever, but still enjoyed being unique, retaining that status by still being “charismatic.” SGM worked because it saw itself as a special snowflake church group–we can’t be a denomination because nobody is like us! We’re CHARISMATIC and REFORMED. The Presbyterians will love us for our sermons, the Baptists for our music, and the non-denominational groups will love how we pray and raise our hands during worship.

Contrast that with Vision Forum, which prided itself on changing every part of culture through Christian alternatives to every part of culture. Politics? We got ’em. Films? Sure thing. American Girl dolls? Try our Titanic doll. Books? Our hardback vintage ones are better and the heroes are more relatable for homeschoolers.

But more than just that, Vision Forum is the brainchild of Christian Reconstructionism, which is, in a bastardized summation, Reformed thinking + white dominionism reduced down to racist, sexist culture-change moonshine. [If you need a better summary, let me know and I’ll find one. I don’t have the emotional resilience today to take Reconstructionism very seriously.] The point of it seems to be that culture must be 100% fixed to match OT “Biblical” standards, and I mean that — if you dig deep enough, you start finding that their leaders wrote treatises endorsing stoning of rebellious children and race-based slavery. And these guys are speaking at YOUR local homeschool convention.

My point, however, is this: they are highly rational. They believe theology can and should be systematized. They believe that science, done right, will prove creationism. They believe in the ideology not because it fixed their need for a religious addiction (which is my theory about SGM), but because they needed rational fundamentalism more deeply than they needed to be human.

And so, when the system says Doug is wrong, Doug has to go. [Whereas, when SGM’s system suggested that CJ was wrong, the system had to go.]

The second reason is a little more simple than the first. Doug and his crew were out to change the culture, comfort be damned. CJ and his crew were out to lead a group of people and keep themselves financially stable — they didn’t quickly bring fresh blood into the inner circle. But like a shrewed ideologue, Doug Phillips relied on the energy and naïveté of youth to make his movement thrive. His agenda was political — he didn’t need to protect his inner circle so much as he needed cheap labor and innocent energy. These kids (like Bradrick) were raised to be culture warriors, and they believe in the system (which brings me back to my first point).

I guess all that I’m trying to say here is: if you’re going to run a cult and get away with it, make sure people love you more than your ideas. And don’t sleep around or blackmail people. Your sheeple don’t like it much.

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  1. ohmylanta.

    your analysis of youth involvement being key is spot on. as a “youth” myself, I find myself inclined to rebel against the machine and attempt to think for myself. *gasp*

    as far as the cult mentality, which (from personal experience in SGM at least) is extremely prevalent, it is so disheartening, immoral and WRONG to “cast out” those who may be in disagreement.

    it was shocking (shockingly refreshing) to hear at my new-ish (yet to be committed to due to PTSD from SGM) church hear the minister say (paraphrased) : “if you don’t agree with me, that’s ok. this is my personal opinion based on personal biblical research. if you have another opinion, I’d love to hear it and discuss with you” <- in a completely non-condescending manner! the fact that this was music to my ears and was/is so refreshing was just another reminder of the abuse strong opinions within leadership can wreck on "youthful" minds!

    the damage that can, and is, being done is incomprehensible. our generation will soon become the leading generation. where are we going?

    1. With regard to youth, from what I have seen with C.J. Mahaney is that he wanted to attract youth (especially in the group’s early years) since youth were less questioning, etc. Interesting to see a different viewpoint.

      People argued that one reason C.J. Mahaney recruited and “annointed” Josh Harris as CLC’s new leader and heir apparent to be SGM’s next “pope” was his being young and malleable.

  2. 3) And Christians(TM) always treat SEXUAL(TM) matters differently than anything else. SEXUAL(TM) sins are always worse than any other.

  3. Very interesting. Another difference SGM is more widely known (or at least more widely liked) outside homeschooling.

  4. “No one is really surprised that Doug Phillips had an affair and is stepping down from Vision Forum Ministries. And no one is really surprised at his statement–it’s the same slightly pompous and affected tone adopted by any politician caught in the spotlight of a scandal.’

    I agree with all of this, except for your characterization of it as “an affair.” I’ve gone into considerable detail to explain why it’s actually clergy sexual abuse, and it’s also a crime per the Texas Penal Code.


  5. I too,have had spiritual abuse within the church,or should I say “churches.What concerns me about blogs such as yours,Jen’s Gems,Spiritual Sounding Board and others,is the damage you are all doing,as well.What you fail to realize is your own responsibility.People tend to place each other on pedestals.We all want someone to lead us,it’s in our sinful nature to create gods for ourselves,false ones at that.So,we place our ideals on a man or system.Then when they fail,we lash out at them.But what is so much worse,we lash out at God.We deny Him and His word.We go from bad to worse.We throw out everything we’ve been taught,even if a portion of it is truth.We go the opposite direction,when what we need to do is simply look up to Jesus.My eyes are fixed on Jesus,not man…Are yours?

    1. Maybe you are aware of something the rest of us aren’t but I don’t see God being lashed here. Pointing out the logical faults of the different systems and the personalities involved is not quite the same as disagreeing with God. In fact, working one’s way through the systematic faults enables a better vision of Jesus.

      1. No,I can see that you don’t see what I see and sometimes that happens.We all don’t see the same thing.Perhaps we are looking for different things,depending on where our hearts are at.To be honest with you,I have had to sort through a great deal of emotions myself,in the light of Doug Phillips sins.That’s just it.Because Doug Phillips sins,it makes everything that he believed and taught,wrong.That’s not true.I love what David Murray said about this situation.He said that people who are in leadership,whatever their ministry is,they will be tempted greater to sin in the very ministry the LORD has them in.They need more accountability.Doug Phillips didn’t have accountability ,especially with his wife.A woman knows all the little signs.These days everyone has a list of ‘signs of an affair’.I agree that what he taught would make it impossible for women to hold their husbands accountable,since they believed in a unbiblical view of women’s submission.Here is where real Christianity takes a beating.When we,as Christians,pour everything out here,in public[Jen’s Gems joke section is the perfect example of what I’m talking about] all those that detest Christianity,are watching us all argue amongst ourselves.Unbelievers are not going to say,”Oh,look at these people and they are all saying this about these groups,I’m going to become a Christian.” Do you ever listen to unbelievers and what they think of Christians? These people are not going to look at it the way you and I do,they are going to ‘lash out at God’ and want nothing to do with Jesus.I know.When I go to tell someone about the love of Jesus,I cannot tell you the despair I feel when they rant about ‘fighting and arguing Christians’.I really believe these blogs are about one upping each other.Who can be the most Spiritually mature.Through these blogs,more damage is done to the glory of God.We need to give the LORD His place in all this.He will expose.He will bring to light in each of His children,what is of Him and what is not.When you get in there and start talking ‘your’ talk, ‘your’ intellect,you look just like these groups.You asked….

    2. I’ve read a number of these blogs, and i don’t see the damage. As far as I can see, these become valuable places for validation for those with similar exeriences. Who exactly is harmed?

  6. Well said Hannah. I don’t know the details of these two groups well but I know enough about flaws in fundamental thinking/activities to appreciate your writeup.

    One brief observation. It’s not strange that the SGM guys could so easily rework their response when rules get in the way. All it takes is one “word” from the Spirit and all rules are trumped.

    Sadly, the two groups seem to be parodies of genuine grace. No recovery in one. No accountability in the other.

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