Tomorrow: SAAW Day 2

Just a reminder that tomorrow we’ll be continuing the Spiritual Abuse Awareness Week over at Joy Bennett’s blog. Here’s the prompt:

Your journey and consequences of spiritual abuse

How has your experience affected you? What has it done to you emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, etc.? What has your journey been like? How have you gotten where you are today? Do you feel you’ve healed? What do you still struggle with?

Image by Dani Kelley,
Image by Dani Kelley,

And until midnight tonight I’ll still be taking your stories from the Day 1 prompt.

So moved by and thankful for all those who’ve linked up and shared their stories already. Check out Elora’s blog for more, anonymous survivor stories.

3 thoughts on “Tomorrow: SAAW Day 2

  1. I did not know about this series until yesterday and there is no way I could pull all of my thoughts together in time. I am happy to read everyone else’s though.

    Like you, I have written my story in snapshots as they seem relevant or like something I need to process. I realize that someday I need to just sit and write a general summary like this one so that others can (maybe?) understand a little better.

    I teared up a little when I read your words, because we were your parents. For three years, we headed down that road. It is what led us straight into abuse and, as much as it hurt, I am so thankful. Because of the abuse, we had our eyes wide open to what we were doing to our family and others.

    I am so sorry you went through the heartache with your parents. I hope if things are not better, that they will be.

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