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These are nonfiction pieces I’ve edited in my role at The Rumpus.

“Body of Nonsense” by Sophie Amado

“A Soul-Satisfying Crunch: Kitchen Sink Granola Bars” by Ashley Memory

“Butcher Knives at the Ready” by Lia Dunn

“Gourmand” by Carmella de Los Angeles Guiol

“Imagine a River of Milk” by Rebekah Denison Hewitt

“Days Since Last Workplace Injury” by Clancy Tripp

“The Bent Hourglass: Living In Crip Time” by Hope Henderson

“Split Chins, Open Coats” by Anna Leigh Knowles

“Day Trip” by Sophia Moskalenko

“Magic Numbers: A Story of Wanting in Pairs” by Christie Tate

“The Myth of The Lazy Mothers” by Ukamaka Olisakwe