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These are nonfiction pieces I’ve edited in my role at The Rumpus.

“An Apparent Lowering of Moral Standards in the Lepidoptera” by Morgan Thomas

“Stripped: The Novel Didn’t Work” by Elissa Lash

“Play For Camera” by Will Horn

“On Being Tough” by Kathleen Gullion

“Pickled Cookie Tree” by Taneum Bambrick

“Lamentation for Songbirds” by Lindsey Trout Hughes

“Baby Fever” by Krys Malcolm Belc

“An Imperfect Plan” by Seth Fischer

“Paying In Time” by Sarah Jaffe

“The Space Between Vertebrae” by August Lamm

“The Psychiatrist and the Butch” by Shoshana Raphael

“Body of Nonsense” by Sophie Amado

“A Soul-Satisfying Crunch: Kitchen Sink Granola Bars” by Ashley Memory

“Butcher Knives at the Ready” by Lia Dunn

“Gourmand” by Carmella de Los Angeles Guiol

“Imagine a River of Milk” by Rebekah Denison Hewitt

“Days Since Last Workplace Injury” by Clancy Tripp

“The Bent Hourglass: Living In Crip Time” by Hope Henderson

“Split Chins, Open Coats” by Anna Leigh Knowles

“Day Trip” by Sophia Moskalenko

“Magic Numbers: A Story of Wanting in Pairs” by Christie Tate

“The Myth of The Lazy Mothers” by Ukamaka Olisakwe